The team

At Saimen, our team of professionals speak fluent Chinese and above all excels with the language of business of China. Their strong team mixing Canadian and Chinese are working together to be able to offer you the most of your experience in China, whichever field you find yourself in.

Carl Breau
CEO of Saimen,
based in Shanghai

Carl Breau is the CEO of Saimen and based in Shanghai. He has a Master degree in mechanic engineering and is fully fluent in mandarin. He also as experience in sale and purchase, especially in China, and cumulate more then 20 years in management. He’s also the laureate of the “Young Engineer Exceptional Achievement Medal” award (1999) given by the Canadian Engineers Association.

Mathieu Cormier
Vice-President of Saimen,
based in Shanghai

Mathieu Cormier is Vice-President of Saimen and based in Shanghai. He has a Master degree of International Public Management. He served as a Diplomat in Shanghai for four years, handeling Economics affaires for Québec Governement. He contributed to the internationalization of hundreds of companies in China since 2008. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Mandarin. At Saimen, he’s in charge of business development, and handle the Investment service team.

Jing Liang
Senior project manager,
based in Shanghai

Jing Liang has a bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Trade from Fudan University. At Saimen, she is a senior project manager and is responsible of the sourcing projects within China. She is qualified at finding and vetting suppliers and performing a thorough product quality control. Her experience also includes investment projects support and product testing management.

Pheonix Zhang
Deputy General Manager,
based in Shanghai

Phoenix Zhang is the Deputy General Manager, based in Shanghai. Mr. Zhang has a master in Automation engineering and more then 15 years of experience as an engineer and business manager in China. He oversees consultation, regarding the commercialization of products in Shanghai.


Gaultier Ross
Project Manager,
based in Shanghai

Gaultier Ross is a Project Manager at Saimen, focusing on market entry and expansion strategies for Entertainment & Media companies. Gaultier has lived in China on-and-off for five years since 2007. Prior to joining Saimen, he was on the strategic advisory & market entry team of ChinaVest Ltd., Wells Fargo’s investment banking partner for China. Gaultier is operational in Mandarin. He holds an M.A. in Asia-Pacific Studies from the University of Toronto.

Sally Ren

Projet Manager-Education

based in Beijing

Based in Beijing, Sally holds a bachelor in Trade Economics, from Beijing Technology & Business University. Her previous experience being in education, she follows that path at Saimen, being the project manager for the education branch.

Nate Wang

Import Project Marketing Specialist,

based in Shanghai

Nate has a bachelor degree in Harbor waterway and Coast Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Combining her knowledge in engineering and her previous experience in marketing, she is the Import Project Marketing Specialist.