China is now the fastest growing entertainment and multimedia market in the world. The reality is that the typical Chinese middle-class family is pushing for a better quality of life, leisure activities, international tourism.

A key element, is the growing interest for international performances. This kind of market demands and can afford as well, more complex performance, more expensive one, allowing limitless opportunities.

Another element of entertainment being just as important, is the multimedia side. This knowledge is quite developed abroad, but is still in its beginning stage in China. Therefore, it creates high-value opportunities for companies involved in this sector to enter the Chinese market now.

On their side, Chinese developers, are looking for quality cultural content to attract affluence to their venues. Therefore, they are always open to International partnership.

At Saimen, we aim to offer Chinese developers or producers a portfolio of international projects including cultural content, multimedia technology, and performer art, that can meet Chinese demand of entertainment.

Here are a few industries our clients are from:

  • Circus
  • Performing art
  • Multimedia
  • Scenic technology
  • TV production
  • Gaming industry
  • Virtual Reality

At Saimen, we can:

  • Manage your operations
  • Find strategic local partners
  • Help with your marketing or business development
  • Manage your Intellectual property protection
  • And much more

Samajam China Kids Tour 2017 managed by Saimen