Here at Saimen, our objective is to help Canadian educational institution to recruit potential students in China.

Chinese middle class family has recently developed a growing interest in education abroad. They want to offer their kids an opportunity to get an experience abroad, learning English or French.

We, at Saimen, created a platform for the parent to be able to trust Canadian educational system’s and institutions, to make sure that their children will be safe, enjoying a first-class education, while enjoying high quality of life and environment in Canada and other countries.

All education institution we introduce are credible, have a strong reputation in Canada with high standard of educational cursus.

By institutions, we imply:

  • Summer camps
  • Language schools
  • College and Cegeps
  • Technical Education programs
  • Universities

From the institution side, it’s hard to find a proper channel to recruit high quality partners in China, allowing them to direct their offer to the right students. At Saimen, we have a network of trustable and qualified Chinese partners and schools. This way we work with both side to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for all parties involved.

At Saimen, we can:

  • Represent your institution in the market
  • Recruit students directly or through reputable agencies
  • Prepare your marketing documents
  • Protect your IP Trademarks
  • And much more